DBIA 580: Standard Form of Teaming Agreement Between Design-Builder & Teaming Party



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DBIA Document No. 580 Standard Form of Teaming Agreement Between Design-Builder and Teaming Party (2012 Edition) (“Agreement”) is entered into by parties who desire to pursue a Project together as a Team. The Design-Builder enters into separate Teaming Agreements with each Team Member, and all Team Members are listed on Exhibit D.

The term “Design-Builder” is generic, and according to the DBIA Position Statement Organization of the Design-Build Entity, the “Design-Builder” can take many forms, including but not limited to, a single purpose entity, a joint venture between two companies, an integrated design-builder, or a contractor-led, designer-led, or developer-led design-build entity.

The “Design-Builder” in this Teaming Agreement is the entity that intends to be the prime contracting entity with the Owner, provided that the Design-Builder is the successful proposer on the Project. The “Teaming Party” can be a subcontractor, design consultant, specialty design-build contractor, or any other type of entity that intends to enter into a lower tier agreement with the Design-Builder, should the Design-Builder be the successful proposer on the Project.

DBIA best practices promote full cooperation, communication, and collaboration between all parties to the Design-Build team, with the Design-Builder providing overall coordination to the Proposal effort.

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