Request for Qualifications (RFQ), Request for Proposals (RFP), RFQ/RFP Guide, and Supporting Documents


Standard Form Request for Qualification, Standard Form Request for Proposals, RFQ/RFP Guide and accompanying documents.

Download RFQ Sample
Download RFP Sample


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To determine the best design-build fit, owners must design a procurement process that is focused on finding the right team for each project. DBIA’s new standard form of RFQ/RFP and the accompanying Guide will assist owners with understanding the issues owners should consider and decisions owners need to make to create a procurement process that is most likely to lead to a successful project.

In addition to the standard forms and Guide, this purchase includes accompany documents:

  • DBIA Manual Of Practice Chapter: Developing Performance-Based Requirements for Design-Build Projects
  • DBIA Manual Of Practice Chapter: Competitive Acquisition of Design-Build Services
  • DBIA Position Statement: Use of Stipends
  • DBIA Position Statement: Design Excellence

DBIA’s Design-Build Done Right™: Universally Applicable Best Design-Build Practices and samples of the other standard form contracts referenced in the RFQ and RFP can be found in the DBIA Primers category.

Download RFQ Sample
Download RFP Sample